October 3rd: Ghost Hunters for the Atari 2600

I really love Ghosthunters. Those two guys, Jason and Grant really know how to hunt some ghosts. I really think that Steve is cute and Brian is such a goof-ball! Oh, yeah, Donna is really good, too. She has such great feelings (and nice hair). This Ghosthunters game is not what I was hoping for. It’s a bit of a confusion. First of all, you control a little white guy with a red coat who travels around a grid like the Pac-man. Only he doesn’t eat it. Sometime the cubes flash and if you go to the cube, some stuff really happens! Suddenly, it’s like another world as you drive a boxy car to the place that you already went too. That’s a double-travel! You do get a chance to catch some ghosts when your driving, by catching them in your vaccuum. This is a really silly part of the game, I think. Who ever heard of catching a ghost in a vaccuum? Oh! I forgot that at the start you can buy the vaccuum, but then, there is no instruction to start the game, only confusion. You can also buy some BAIT and TRAPS. TRAPS is almost like TAPS…haha. Ha. Anyway once the not TAPS van arrives to the building, Jason or maybe Grant (the look is the same) comes out to set the ghost TAPS (haha). Once it is done, the other guy comes out to face the other direction. A ghost flies around the building and when you push the button, some silly string comes from Jason and Grant. I don’t remember that on the show. Maybe it’s like an EVP or EMP. Anyways, push the button again to try and catch the ghosts. That’s about it.

I don’t likes this game, it is not like the show, there is no Steve (so cute!), and it is not very scary, too. Really. I did take some pictures of the game, and you know what? I found some Orbs! Clearly, there is a haunting in this game.


A large orb follows my box car.


Here is an orb near the building (not the ghost, silly!)


Three orbs over the city…I remember, I felt cold during the city parts.

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