October 18th, Halloween The New Nightmare for the PC

I kind of blew my wad on Drac’s Night Out. What could possibly top a game that combines my two favorite things: booby traps and sports apparel? So, it’s with reluctance that we take a look at Halloween The New Nightmare for the PC. Essentially what appears to be a Quake mod, Halloween The New Nightmare is so terrible, I barely have the strength to make fun of it. Of course, we’re here to celebrate Halloween games, not disparage them. There must be something of redeeming value in Halloween The New Nightmare. It doesn’t appear to be based on any movie or license I’ve ever heard of, but I’m too tired to do any actual research on Halloween The New Nightmare. As far as I’ve seen, Halloween The New Nightmare was released sometime between 2004 and 2007. Every time I find it mentioned on a different web page, the date has changed. You run around blocky corridors, firing blocky weapons at blocky enemies, and picking up slightly less blocky, yet still pretty damn blocky power-ups. Perhaps Halloween The New Nightmare is based on the Lego license.

I think I’ve got something. Halloween The New Nightmare has some pretty cool music and some seriously hellish sound design. I’ve taken the liberty of changing the names of some of the choice sound files to the names of some of the default Windows XP sounds. Simply download them here:

Windows XP Startup.wav

Windows XP Shutdown.wav

Windows XP Error.wav

Windows XP Ding.wav

Windows XP Critical Stop.wav

Change the underscores to spaces and place them in your friend or co-worker’s “C:\Windows\Media” folder on Halloween and wait for the fun to begin.

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