Santa Ride! for the PC

Santa Ride! is probably the best Christmas-themed game I’ve ever played, unless maybe you count Die Hard Trilogy, of which 2/3 does happen to take place on Christmas. Did you know that every time John McClane kills someone, an angel gets its wings? That reminds me that I’ll have to talk about Die Hard Trilogy later on. Santa Ride! is essentially a modification of developer Invictus’s Cross Racing Championship off-road racing game for the PC. There’s not much to it. Race Santa’s Sleigh, or “sledge” as it is called here, around a simple track, collecting presents for points and extra time, accompanied by festive music. A surprising amount of physics allow you to drift the Santa’s Sledge directly into the presents for extra bonus. For extra bonus from me, enjoy Santa Ride! whilst watching the Dirty Harry parody Sledge Hammer!

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