Seattle Chipfest! '08

On Saturday night, April 12th, a group of musicians/weirdos (myself included) met in South Seattle to lay down a cavalcade of 8-bit tunes, break-core, and glitch.

Flyer for Chipfest!

Fighter X, out of Everett, Washington, got the crowd warmed up with a fast-paced set that had everyone jumping.


Rainbow Pawz, a collaboration between MC Firedrill and Kinoko performed a set with their own brand of happiness, featuring various childrens toys, keyboards, laptops, and rediculous headdresses.


Later on, Kinoko performed a solo set with less rediculous, yet still quite unique, headwear.


Syphilis Sauna brought the noise, in the way only he can, accompanied by visuals from Disjunct.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early, but you can check out more pictures here:

Chipfest! ’08

And some video here (bonus: a video of my brother’s birthday the next day!):

YouTube vids


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  1. The ‘dance around the room’ is a reference to the “Birthday Cake” episode of “The Office”

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