Happy the Birthday to Grim Fandango

In honor of the 10th birthday of the release of Tim Shaefer’s Grim Fandango, Double-fine‘s Tim Shaefer has released Tim Shaefer’s Grim Fandango’s “Puzzle Document“.  Essentially a “walk-through” of the entire game and its puzzles and solutions, the document also contains an obscene amount of awesome concept art and many puzzles that ended up being cut from the game.  Come!  Peek behind the curtain of the dead and delight in the nostalgic nostalgia of it all.

I don’t know about you, but reading through this really causes me to re-experience the game.  The same thing happens to me when I read the screenplay of a favorite film.  It’s as if I’m “playing” the game again as my brain fills in all of the essential graphics, sounds, dialogue, and mouse-clicks.  Perhaps I need help.

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