8-bit Jesus = absolutely sick Christmas music

UPDATE: Doc’s puppy needs surgery and he’s having trouble making ends meet this month.  If you can donate $15 or more, you’ll get a physical copy of the full album release later this month.  Save the puppies, and then dance with them!

My head esplode!  The genius Doctor Octoroc has just released a teaser of his in progress Christmas album 8-bit Jesus, and it has blown my mind’s brain.  Not content to simply port over several holiday favorites to the 8-bit format, the good doctor has based each of these tunes on a particular game from that era with incredibly spectacular results.  Joy to the World as if it were included in Bionic Commando?  Fantastical.  A version of Carol of the Bells straight out of Castlevania?  Stunning.  The best part of the whole deal is that only half of the tracks have been released so far, with the rest due out around the coming of Old Saint Nick.  Please immediately head to Doc’s blog and give him some feedback and motivation to finish this amazing amazingness.

8-Bit Jesus: New Christmas Chip-tune Album

UPDATE:  Ughzzz…I totally forgots:  team this with the 8-bit Peoples’ The 8bits of Christmas and all of your Christmas dreams will come true and be awesome.


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