ORV. Bullet holes.

Have you ever had a dream that was so awesome, the fact that you awoke at the end of it was downright depressing?  When I was about 12 years old, I had a dream that I was a Goonie.  Often, as make my sleep preparations, I’ll be reminded of that dream, and hope that I might revisit it that night.  Nowadays, I’m often too drunk to remember any dreams, but thanks to the “new” Retronauts blog on 1up.com, I can live the dream.  Live.

Despite Jess Ragan‘s lack of Goonies love, he’s turned me on (?!) to a pretty mediocre fan remake of the original The Goonies game for the MSX called The Goonies: 25th Anniversary Edition.  Don’t get me wrong, the jubilant folks at Brain Games, the developers of the remake, have done a fine job.  It’s just that they didn’t have much to work with at the start.  The original The Goonies game is pretty basic platformer, with pretty basic gameplay, that basically isn’t that much fun.  I will disagree with Mr. Ragan’s contention that playing as Sloth is some sort of affront against humanity.  Even though Sloth does resemble a Mr. Potato-head gone horribly wrong, at least his head is 4 times bigger than his body.


Still, as Mr. Ragan mentions, there is one thing about the remake that makes it worth checking out.  The remake comes packaged with several wonderful remixes of the Goonies theme that R good enough for me.  Thankfully, the soundtrack can be found within the folders of the game installation and can be played with abandon.

(As of this writing, the game can no longer be downloaded from the official site.  Wha-happa?!)

UPDATE:  The download works from my workplace.  Don’t tell my boss!

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