Fuck you, Halo 2

I’ve been playing through Halo 2 for the first time, in preparation of picking up Halo 3 for the first time (and then playing it for the first time).  During the first level in which you play the Arbiter(?), you are required to chase down and fight this heretic (?) guy.  It’s fucking hard.  After getting killed by him and his two holograms innumerous times, I threw down my controller in disgust.  The game, however, wasn’t done with me.  When I died, it automatically reloaded the last save point at the beginning of the fight.  The holograms shot me immediately, causing the game to reload again, and for them to shoot me, again, like some digital Ouroboros.  Here’s an approximately 10 minute video of the sordid affair. It probably would have gone forever if my controller hadn’t idled out.

At about the 3:35 mark, I noticed my controller vibrating in the chair, so I moved it and  the camera that you may watch its slow, arduous death march across my desk.

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