Seattle Chipfest '09 – The Movie(s)

Seattle’s annual(?) chiptunes festival, known collectively as Chipfest, was going to be the highlight of my year. I was stoked, but then, at the last minute, I learned that Cinematic Titanic would be appearing live in Seattle on that same weekend.  Which to attend?  Such a decision was the equivilent of choosing to chop off my right arm or my left arm, and unfortunately, being that I am right-handed, I chose to cut the left-arm of Chipfest.  Profortunately, thanks to the magnificent tgoldendisc (and apparent partner in crime SeaShow), I can attach a proverbial chainsaw to my bloody stump by way of YouTube.  Highlights include:

Falcon Punch! by Circles

Something by Syphilis Sauna

absolute maddness by McFiredrill

Quite a worthy effort, indeed, though the shots could use a bit more power plug in the frame.


I’ve discovered another video from Chipfest 2009 and it makes me double disappointed that I missed out:

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