Bailout! on Xbox Indie Games is 8-bits worth of entertainment

Every once in a while, I take a scroll through the Xbox Live Indie Games section to see if anything catches my eye. Sifting through the eclectic menagerie of the Indie Games section of the Xbox Marketplace can sometimes be a dangerous proposition. With nothing more than some cursory box-art and/or an obtuse, paltry description, you’re taking your hard earned time into your own hands looking for entertainment here. When one does come across a diamond in the rough, however, the difficulty of the hunt makes the resultant reward that much sweeter.

It was the lovingly rendered, pixellated money bag on the cover of Bailout! that piqued my interest. From it’s chirpy rag-time music, to it’s Atari 2600 graphics and KABOOM! inspired gameplay, I just love this game. There not much too it really, but it only costs a dollar. It beats the time I accidentally spent a dollar on Barf & Beer.

Since it’s impossible to download screenshots from the site and no video exists, here is a crappy video capture of my monitor:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnngggggggggggggg!  That was awful.  You’d think Microsoft would want these games to be as promotable as possible, but I suppose they leave it all up to the designers. Jerks.

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