kentdog on Retronauts: when you wish upon a Star Raiders

Folks, I have dreamed a dream, and now that dream is gone from me, because it has come true.  At this year’s Penny Arcade Expo, I answered the call of one Jeremy Parish, host of’s Retronauts, and recorded a short audio segment with him for the podcast.  As a fan of Retronauts from the beginning, it’s quite a thrill to have participated in what I consider the best retro-gaming podcast in the universe’s world.  No amount of awkward silences and “Um” uttering could stop me from my dogged pursuit of talking about Bethesda Softwork’s original The Terminator PC game.  Don’t tell Jeremy, but this game was actually published in 1991, a full 4 years after the year I mentioned on the show.  Shhhhhh…


This episode also includes an awesome interview with one of the developers of the failed Star Trek adventure game, The Secret of Vulcan’s Fury.

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