Halloween COUNT-down 2009: retro-Retronauts

While Target & Safeway may have already jumped the gun (and shark?) on Halloween, I like to hold off until the official start of the season of witches before I get my spook on. There’s nothing inherently creepy about September 30th. It feels like the third day of school, the day after the day after Christmas, or some other non-descript, uneventful day of the year. Once the clock ticks over to midnight and the calendar on my taskbar reads 10/01, I can finally get my Horror gland pumping. This month, I will attempt to countdown the days to October 31st by taking a look at some ghosts of gaming past, playing through Silent Hill: Homecoming, and generally trying to scare the hell out of myself.

As a warm-up, if you want to get your own Horror gland(s) pumping, I suggest taking a listen to this old Retronauts podcast about Survival Horror. This is classic Retronauts round-table over-talking at it finest and covers nearly the entirety of the genre. Here a semi-complete list of the games they talk about:

  • Haunted House – Atari 2600
  • Mountain King – Atari 2600
  • Sweet Home
  • Shadowgate & The Uninvited
  • The Lurking Horror – PC
  • Alien – C64
  • Innsmouth no Yakata – VirtualBoy
  • Alone in the Dark – PC
  • Phantasmagoria – PC
  • Gabriel Knight 2 – PC
  • Resident Evil series
  • Overblood (& sequel) – PS1
  • Clock Tower – PS1
  • Galerians
  • Echo Night
  • Silent Hill series
  • Parasite Eve 2 (part 1 didn’t qualify)
  • Koudelka
  • Dr. Houser – 3D0
  • D & D2
  • Deep Fear
  • Enemy Zero
  • The Thing
  • System Shock 2
  • Blue Stinger
  • Lifeline
  • Amber: Journeys Beyond
  • Carrier (featuring the main character:  Jessifer)
  • Illbleed
  • DOOM3
  • Haunting Ground
  • Siren
  • Fatal Frame series
  • Michigan
  • Luigi Mansion


If, like me, you are the kind to eschew regular, genuine emotions, preferring instead to let outside influences guide your psyche, check out the X-Entertainment.com Halloween Jukebox for the spookiest song list that you’ve ever heard.

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