Halloween COUNT-down 2009: Silent Hill is Dead (Space)

As I was continuing to slog my way through Silent Hill: Homecoming, I suddenly had a revelation. I had finally reached the town of Silent Hill proper, and not its lake-side neighbor Shepard’s Glen. Despite being reconnected with Wheeler in the prison, whom for me was the only interesting (and hilarious) character in the game, I just quit playing. Sometimes when I’m playing through a game, particularly when I have spent money on it, I will continue to subject myself to horrible, frustrating, or boring gameplay. Fuck that shit. Fuck that non-skippable cut-scene shit.

So, I’ve started playing Dead Space, and while it’s not as frightening as Silent Hill (with the exception of Homecoming), it is definitely more fun. Dead Space has been talked to happy death everywhere, so it’s no surprise that I’m enjoying it; it’s a well made game. One thing that does get my goat is the voice acting on the two main characters. They are pressing through a lot of dialog and they kind of suck at it.


Pyramid Head bead art from SerenaAzureth is cute and available for purchase:


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